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Bad Girl Art is located in Richmond, Virginia but Bad Girl products can be found around the globe, mostly in neat, unique boutiques and gift shops.  Check out the website to find out more about us, our products, and how to get them (our products...not us!). You can also call us at 804.359.3420 or  804.334.3420. We sell to stores and individuals. We take master card, visa, american express, discover and PAYPAL.

Bad Girl Art takes a new and unique approach to bad ass women through their designs and images.  We sell decorative tiles, placemats, magnets,  notepads,  flasks, pill boxes, pursepads,business card cases, tampon cases,  small journals, bookmarks and maybe a few other things that I've forgotten.

Become a fan of Bad Girl Art on Facebook. You can see a lot of the images and sayings on that page.  

 You can also email me at badgirlart@gmail.

ORDERING ONLINE To view and purchase some of our recent products, check out our product page on zazzle.com/badgirlart*. 

There are coffee muigs, flasks, placemats, T shirts, tiles and a few other miscellaneous things.